Giving you value for your money

Money doesn’t always lead to happiness, especially if you lie awake at night worrying about how best to protect your wealth. Financial planning can give you the peace of mind you’re searching for, and there’s much more to it than just placing the right investments.

With us, you’ll deal with experienced financial professionals who’ll take the time to understand the ambitions you have for your life, not just your wealth. We’ll always be completely transparent about the reasons behind our recommendations, and that transparency is reflected in our simple, no-frills pricing structure.

What you pay

Producing a full financial plan


However simple or complicated your current position or future aspirations are, you’ll pay a fixed fee of £1,250 for a full financial plan from us, which will include our expert recommendations and cashflow modelling.

Setting up new financial products


You’ll pay an additional fixed fee of £745 if you want us to move forward with any of the recommendations we made in your plan, which then results in us setting up a new financial product on your behalf.

Providing ongoing advice

of assets under management*

If you’d like us to continue supporting you and looking after your investments, you’ll pay 1% of the assets under our management. (*Subject to a minimum annual fee of £2,000 – any shortfall will be invoiced.)

How it works

Producing a full financial plan
You’ll get:
  • Meetings to discuss your goals and our recommendations
  • Cashflow modelling to illustrate different scenarios
  • Risk profiling to inform future investment decisions
  • A written plan with each element clearly explained.
Setting up new financial products
You’ll get:
  • Expert research into the most appropriate solutions
  • All administration tasks taken care of on your behalf, including contacting providers and completing paperwork
  • A written report clearly detailing the steps taken.
Providing ongoing advice
An example:
  • Your investments are valued at £300,000
  • You pay a 1% ongoing advice fee of £3,000
  • As this figure is higher than our minimum annual fee, no other charges will be applied
  • The total fee payable would be £3,000 per annum.

What you’ll gain


You’ll get a clear picture of how things stand with your finances and what might be possible, so any sense of confusion or uncertainty will disappear.


Whether it’s knowing when you can retire or getting reassurance about your position, you’ll feel empowered by the insight your plans will provide.


Having a solid strategy in place for the future financial security of you and your loved ones means you can worry less and start enjoying life more.


I feel completely confident about my financial future

Julie Cook


Guy has given us the confidence to live our lives without needing to worry about our finances

Phil & Mel


I know that my investments are being taken care of, so I can focus on the life I have ahead of me

Andrew Bradshaw


Guy simplifies our finances; there's no jargon

Matthew Allen


Citygate make financial planning more understandable, friendly and relatable.

Gareth Davies


Working with Citygate has given me reassurance for my financial future

Paula McMullan