Andrew Bradshaw

Client since 2011

I know that my investments are being taken care of, so I can focus on the life I have ahead of me

Hi, my name is Andrew Bradshaw. I’ve been with Citygate now for about 12 years, and my adviser is Guy Skinner.

I got in touch with Citygate because I had two or three pensions floating around from my career that needed to be consolidated.

The challenges that I had with pensions were whether I was getting the best value from having three or whether there was an opportunity to consolidate into one. One of them was a final salary pension, and the other two were contributory pensions.

I heard about Citygate because Guy and I go back 20 years; he was a graduate friend of mine when we first left university, and when I needed some financial help, I just put a call into Guy because I knew he was the right person to help.

The trust I have for Citygate is based on knowing Guy for such a long period of time because I understand his values, and his values mirror my values.

The best piece of advice that Guy has given me is to leave one of my pensions where it was. So, Guy’s just not looking at the business that he can put through Citygate; he’s looking at my personal circumstances and looking at what’s best for me.

I feel very secure working with Citygate and having them look after my finances. As a person, I feel very secure. I get the right advice at the right time, and Guy is quite happy to pick up the phone and drop me a line whenever things change in the financial market.

From the original advice I got from Guy around my pension, I’ve been able to explore other opportunities to invest. I now have two ISAs, one in my name and one in my wife’s name, and through the good advice from Guy, I’ve also got a further pension in my wife’s name.

As I’m about two or three years from retirement, I feel quite secure about my future. I feel that because of the advice I’ve been given, my investments are being taken care of, and that allows me to start thinking about the life I have ahead of me once I retire.

The three words that I use to describe Guy and Citygate are trusted, honest and personal.

The best thing about working with Guy is that he’s always there. He’s always on call; whether it’s popping into the pub after work to have a quick chat, grabbing a cup of coffee in London, or maybe just a phone call, he’s always there for me.

Without question, I’d recommend Guy and Citygate to help you with your finances. You can trust him, as I talked about his values. He’s totally honest, and he’s there to give you that personal touch.