What is lifestyle financial planning?

Understanding your life goals, not just your bank balance

Getting control over your finances shouldn’t be merely a transaction, but a long-term strategy designed to give you peace of mind about every aspect of your life. Lifestyle financial planning does this by focusing on your personal dreams and ambitions, rather than just where you should invest your money.

Work with us, and you’ll get a trusted adviser with your best interests at heart, dedicated to helping you look to the future with confidence.

How much is “enough”?

Once you’ve worked out what you want to get from each stage of your life, the next step is understanding how much money you’ll need to achieve those aims. The good news is that this number is often much smaller than you might have originally thought.

This invaluable information gives you permission to live with freedom, because you’ll know exactly when the next phase of your life can begin.

Cashflow modelling

Using the very latest specialist software, we can build a precise model of what your financial future could look like. You’ll see for yourself how different life events and decisions could grow – or shrink – your wealth.

Cashflow modelling is just one of the tools we use to build your truly bespoke financial plan, we will continue to refine the plan as rules and changes to legislation may affect you.  We’ll meet annually to review this.

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