Gareth Davies

Client since 2011

Citygate make financial planning more understandable, friendly and relatable.

I’m Gareth. We’ve been a client of Citygate for around 10 years, and our adviser is Guy.

We wanted a good pension advice service with good independent advice. We wanted to move our pensions from a large company to find the best way of looking after ourselves in the future. We also wanted to make sure we looked after our staff exactly how we would look after ourselves.

We were looking for a company that would be open with us, a company that would listen and be able to adapt and grow with us and, essentially, Citygate ticked all those boxes.

We could relate to them, and we felt they understood us, what our needs were and where we were coming from. It feels like a personalised service.

They’ve been brilliant at individual advising. They’ve also been great for us as a company as a whole to talk to as an occasional sounding board, in terms of our growth, attitude towards risk, and what we’re planning on doing going forward, so we get both the small and big picture with them.

Rather than do individual interviews for everybody, they came in and did a presentation to the entire office, which went down very, very well with everybody. It gave everyone an opportunity to hear en masse the issues to do with financial planning generally, rather than personalised and to do with healthcare ideas and things like that. It also gave more opportunity to not only to ask a question, but to hear other people’s questions. So, it was a brilliant learning opportunity for the entire office.

The three words I would use to describe Citygate are open, informed, and professional.

I’m a lot more confident about my future post-working based on the advice I’ve been getting from Citygate and seeing the numbers and the future planning. It’s a benefit of having a relationship with them that lasts so long because I’m seeing how that advice has been very consistent.

The best thing about working with Citygate is they’ve made that whole process more understandable, friendly, and actually interesting, rather than it being just about numbers.

The best piece of advice Guy has given me is to think about where I want to be in 20 years’ time and actually start thinking about my risk on that basis, and not how that emotional response to risk makes me feel about where I’m going to be in six months’ or a year’s time.

We would definitely recommend Citygate to other people, and have done. Essentially, they’re easy to deal with, they’re honest, and they’ve got great insights into what’s going on, and they make the whole process relatable. So, they’re a very easy company to recommend.