Business owners

Get the financial freedom you deserve

Owning a business can be a lonely pursuit. If you need someone with both the wisdom and compassion to guide you through the unique financial challenges you face, you’ve found the perfect partner in us.  We are there to support you however we can, even if it’s just a friendly chat at the end of a long day you need!

If you’re looking to exit, using the latest cashflow modelling software, we can identify what that figure needs to be, what areas of risk you might not have considered, and help you enjoy the spoils of everything you’ve built.

Protecting your legacy

You may see your business as a pension, but we’ll put the right safeguards in place so that you don’t lose out if circumstances change.

Achieving your aims

You’ll learn how much is “enough” to live the lifestyle you want, which may mean you can sell or step back from your business sooner.

Preserving your future

The wealth you’ve built shouldn’t become a burden for your family or loved ones, so we’ll ensure it’s passed down in the right way.

The Benefits Lab

When you start exploring options for exiting your business, you may find you need a certain size and level of workforce. To attract high-quality talent, the right benefits package is crucial, and we’ve developed a programme to help you identify what’s best for your employees.

Through The Benefits Lab, we’ve educated dozens of business owners about employee benefits, and as a result they’ve been able to put better teams in place. If you’re ready to build a business that’s stronger and more attractive to investors, we’d love to talk to you.

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I feel completely confident about my financial future

Julie Cook


Guy has given us the confidence to live our lives without needing to worry about our finances

Phil & Mel


I know that my investments are being taken care of, so I can focus on the life I have ahead of me

Andrew Bradshaw


Guy simplifies our finances; there's no jargon

Matthew Allen


Citygate make financial planning more understandable, friendly and relatable.

Gareth Davies


Working with Citygate has given me reassurance for my financial future

Paula McMullan